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Tree Trimming & Pruning Grand Rapids, MI

While trees and shrubs can give exquisite beauty to your property, they need to be properly pruned to make sure they stay healthy and beautiful. Otherwise, they'll end up more prone to diseases and other conditions that can cause their health to decline and their appearance to get unsightly.

Along with maintaining the health of your trees, tree pruning also helps preserve the safety and structure of the trees. The growth and integrity of trees may be affected by storm and weather damage as well as conflict with people or the environment. Therefore, if tree cutting is not necessary, our tree pruning service will help save the day.


About Our Service

The process of tree pruning is best left in the hands of a qualified and experienced arborist. If you want to keep your trees, hedges, and shrubs healthy and beautiful, don't hesitate to schedule our tree pruning service with our experts. Our experts will survey and inspect trees around your property and advice you on the best type of pruning service which can match your goals.

We at GRMI Tree Removal offer tree trimming service through the Grand Rapids area. Our services are planned and executed following the laid out principles of tree trimming.

Once we review your trees and landscaping needs, we suggest the best tree cutting procedures ideal for your specific needs. After our crew has completed the work, our Quality Control Arborist will inspect the project and ensure that it's done correctly.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

There are several benefits you can get from availing of our Tree Trimming & Pruning Grand Rapids, MI services. They are as follows:

  • Removal of dead or decaying branches
  • Removal of rubbing or damaged branches
  • Enhanced structural strength
  • Healthy and beautiful appearance
  • Reduced storm danger
  • Decreased risk of diseases
  • Improved aesthetic value

What We Offer

There are different types of trimming service depending on your trimming needs. We at GRMI Tree Removal offer the following:

  • Crown Lifting

    Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches to encourage upward growth of a tree. Extensive crown lifting is ideal for mature or old trees, and this may be phased over several years.

  • Crown Restoration

    Crown restoration involves restoring a tree that has been ruined. We do this by reducing and separating the number of leaders struggling for light.

  • Thinning

    Thinning is the process of systematically removing secondary branches from the crown. The object of thinning is to reduce loading on a branch and ensure balanced growth on the tree.

  • Deadwooding

    Deadwooding is the removal of dead, dying, broken, or diseased branches from within the crown of a tree. The dead or dying wood is cut back to a healthy branch junction. It can also be cut back to a point where the callous growth has formed.

  • Formative Pruning

    Formative pruning is pruning the vertical growth of a young tree to promote healthy, strong, and safe trees. It aims to achieve a well-balanced crown development and clean-stemmed tree through the removal of small branches that are competing, rubbing, crossing, or deformed.

two man using articulating boom lift to remove of dry and sick branches on trees
Tree removal, arborist cutting a dead elm tree with a chainsaw

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GRMI Tree Removal serves Grand Rapids and surrounding areas with safe, fast and affordable tree cutting and stump removal services. Call for affordable rates for professional services from local tree service professionals.


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