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When people in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the surrounding Grand Rapids area need to hire a business for top quality tree removal or other tree work for their home or business, they make sure to call on our tree services at GRMI Tree Removal! What sets GRMI Tree Removal apart from other tree service companies in West Michigan is our commitment to ensure that trees are healthy and our clients are satisfied. We strive to build great relationships with our Michigan customers through hard work and integrity. We don't just do the job well; we exceed expectations for tree service and tree care.

We take pride in our many quality tree services, which are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer's project. We are an expert business with over 25 years of experience in Michigan and have always offered tree care services like tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting, and stump grinding since our inception. Our company's aim is to promote the growth of healthy trees and take care of landscapes in an environmentally-friendly way. Our tree company not only services the Grand Rapids area, we also service surrounding West Michigan areas. We are the trusted, locally owned and operated tree service company in West Michigan. Call us for a free quote today!

Carrie Corbett
Carrie Corbett

Tree Removal Grand Rapids

Our crew at GRMI Tree Removal is passionate about providing local tree care services that promote healthy trees in Michigan. While trees may add to the aesthetic appeal and value of your home or office property, trees can also be unsightly or unsafe if damaged or destroyed. Also, trees can cause damage to homes and business infrastructure and can require expensive tree care to maintain in the long run.

Primarily, you want our crew to remove trees due to the following reasons:

  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The tree is close to properties, infrastructure, or utilities
  • The tree is diseased beyond repair
  • Storm damage
  • Landscape renovations

For these and other reasons, tree removal service may be necessary. However, before you decide to cut down trees in your project, our crew will help you weigh both the pros and cons as this tree service is irreversible. We know how complicated and potentially dangerous tree work is. That is why we have a team of professional, certified arborists who have the experience, training, and equipment to remove trees from your yard or property safely.

Be clear with our Michigan certified arborists about your specific goals and find out what your tree service options are. We can remove trees of all sizes and clean up your yard or property after the project to preserve the integrity of your home or office and get your property looking great.

Why You Should Get Professional Tree Removal?

Although tree cutting, pruning, and stump grinding might seem like a simple tree service that you can do on your own, they could be potentially dangerous projects if not done the right way. Of course, no Michigan homeowner wants to cut down trees in their yard only for them to fall towards their house.

With professional tree services, however, tree removal is performed by a crew of trained professionals with years of experience who are equipped with the right equipment for the job. The specialized equipment needed to remove trees can be quite expensive for Michigan homeowners and business owners to rent or buy. Therefore, you can avoid costly mistakes by hiring professional, certified arborists for tree service instead of doing it yourself.

Also, our reputable arborist tree services are fully licensed and insured. In case of an accident or injury during any tree work, they will bear the legal liability.

If you are considering professional tree removal in the Grand Rapids, MI or West Michigan area, be sure to contact our experts at GRMI Tree Removal in Grand Rapids, MI and schedule a free consultation with our certified arborists for your home or local business. We guarantee to complete your tree service project within the shortest time possible so your property will look good as new and you can get back to your daily activities.

  • Extensive Experience

    Our experts have over 25 years of experience providing tree services to the people and businesses in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding West Michigan area. Our professionals are very knowledgeable when it comes to tree services, and we know that poorly maintained trees can be a liability. With our vast experience in the tree service industry, we provide just about any tree services and deliver unmatched quality results.

  • Right Equipment for the Job

    As we strive to set a good standard for tree services, we ensure that our professionals only use the best safe and reliable equipment. Experts in Michigan with years of experience take care of all our tree service equipment, which is kept in its best shape to ensure only the best quality tree services.

  • Full Liability and Comprehensive Insurance

    We care about the safety of our clients and employees. For this reason, we have both personal and property insurance for our tree service, and our certified arborists will take care and provide you with worker's compensation insurance when they come to do any tree care.

  • Top-Notch Customer Service

    Right from the moment you get in touch with our company for tree services, we guarantee timely response and a great customer service experience through our various communication channels. Our warm and friendly team of professionals will ensure to make prompt scheduling, provide a free quote, and see to it that all your tree service needs are taken care of by experts.

  • Highly Competitive Pricing

    Unlike other lot clearing services, our price for Grand Rapids tree services is very affordable and tailored to fit your budget. As a valued customer, your needs come first and your satisfaction matters. We offer free estimates before any tree work is completed so you'll always know the price.

  • Service Area

    We offer our tree services in the areas of Grand Rapids, MI and West Michigan, including Holland, Kentwood, Grand Haven, and Coopersville, Michigan. Contact our customer service today and request a free quote for Grand Rapids tree service. We'd love your business!

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Grand Rapids Tree Services

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning and tree trimming should be done by a certified arborist business whose primary goal is to improve the health and look of every tree. When done improperly, tree service could affect the health of your trees, or worse, kill them. Our team of ISA certified arborists is an expert in this field. They will assess your needs and carefully inspect the trees before suggesting the best tree trimming or pruning method for the task.

Our staff of tree experts will also educate you about the pros and cons of every tree trimming and pruning method and help you choose the right one for your situation. With our quality scheduled maintenance, your trees will look healthy and beautiful.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

Emergencies can happen at any time in Michigan and can cause damage to your home if not taken care of immediately. It is for this reason that you need a reliable, certified arborist that will respond in a timely fashion. Our experts are always on standby with our 24/7 Emergency Tree Service, waiting to respond to any emergency tree removal demand.

Our experts have worked with us for over ten years and have the knowledge and expertise to tend to any tree service emergency and make the process stress-free. Make sure to call our company if you have fallen trees on your property that need tree removal right away.

Stump Removal

Does your property have stumps left behind by tree service? Our professional tree care specialists can help you with stump grinding and stump removal. Apart from being potentially dangerous, stumps can be unsightly and even reduce the aesthetic appeal of your property.

We pride ourselves in having the best team and professional equipment for safe stump grinding without causing any environmental damage. Unlike most stump grinding companies, we are very mindful of the environment while stump grinding and have years of experience. You can be assured that we will leave a clean state where the stump was located and bring back the integrity of your property.


Q: Is a permit necessary during tree removal?
A: Yes. You will need a permit for tree services in Michigan, especially if a tree is on a commercial property. Most Michigan cities also require tree removal permits for private properties.

Q: Do you charge for estimates?
A: No. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer free estimates for our Grand Rapids and West Michigan service areas. Get your free quote for tree service today!

Q: Is your tree company fully insured?
A: Yes, our company is fully insured. We care about your safety and safety of our employees. For this, our tree crew will provide you with their workers' compensation insurance before they begin working on your tree services.

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